Collection: Analyser Catalogue

Welcome to The Debug Store's extensive collection of analyzers. Whether you're an experienced engineer or a passionate hobbyist, our analyzers are the go-to solution for accurate signal analysis and debugging. With our top-of-the-line analyzers, you can efficiently diagnose and resolve issues in your electronic circuits, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Choose from our comprehensive selection of analyzers, including:

  1. Spectrum Analyzers: Explore the frequency domain and detect, analyze, and characterize signals across a wide frequency range. From RF and microwave to audio frequencies, our spectrum analyzers offer precise measurements for a variety of applications.

  2. Logic Analyzers: Decode and analyze digital signals, ensuring proper communication and synchronization within your digital systems. Our logic analyzers provide deep memory, high-speed sampling, and advanced triggering capabilities for thorough digital signal analysis.

  3. Network Analyzers: Evaluate and optimize the performance of network components and systems. From impedance measurements to scattering parameter analysis, our network analyzers offer accurate characterization and troubleshooting of networks at various frequencies.

  4. Power Quality Analyzers: Monitor and analyze the quality of electrical power to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability. Our power quality analyzers enable you to identify power disturbances, measure voltage and current harmonics, and assess overall power consumption.

  5. Protocol Analyzers: Capture, decode, and analyze communication protocols in real-time. Whether you're working with USB, Ethernet, or other popular protocols, our protocol analyzers provide deep insight into data exchanges and help identify issues quickly.