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Lipowsky Industrie Elektronik GmbH

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Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II LIN Bus Simulator

Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II LIN Bus Simulator

USB to LIN Bus Interface with Software
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Note: Baby-LIN-II has been replaced by the Baby-LIN-3

The Baby-LIN-II is an advanced control device designed to enable seamless management of LIN-bus-integrated systems using a standard computer. By connecting to your computer's USB port, this controller provides direct control over the LIN Bus, making it an essential tool for professionals dealing with LIN-bus applications.

As the most compact solution available for USB-based LIN-BUS management, the Baby-LIN-II allows your PC to function in various roles, including LIN monitor, LIN master, or LIN slave. Additionally, it supports stand-alone mode operations, enabling continuous sequence executions without the need for a connected PC. For enhanced performance, galvanic isolation ensures that data transmission remains free from interference.

Please Note that the Baby-LIN-II has now been discontinued. If out of stock, please ask for availability. The Baby-LIN-3-Single has now replaced the Baby-LIN-II.

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