Collection: MCU Shields Catalogue

An MCU shield, short for Microcontroller Unit shield, is an essential hardware accessory specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of your microcontroller board, be it Arduino or Raspberry Pi. With a wide range of functionalities and features, our MCU shields provide endless possibilities for your microcontroller-based projects.

At The Debug Store, we offer a diverse selection of MCU shields that cater to various needs. From sensors and actuators to communication interfaces and display modules, our shields are packed with components that enable you to easily incorporate advanced features into your microcontroller projects. With our high-quality shields, you can effortlessly integrate sensors to measure temperature, humidity, motion, and more. You can control motors and actuators to bring your creations to life. Our shields also offer communication interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, enabling seamless connectivity with other devices and networks. Moreover, we provide display modules that allow you to showcase data, images, and other visual information with ease.