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Trycom TRP-C68 Isolated 8-Ch AIO RS-485 Converter

Trycom TRP-C68 Isolated 8-Ch AIO RS-485 Converter

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TRP-C68 Ver:2.1, an 8-channel Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), takes an analog input signal and converts the input into a digital output signal. It accepts analog input-a voltage or a current-and supports the sample rate in “Normal” or “Fast” mode. All channels feature screw terminals for convenient connection, All analog inputs are provided with isolation and surge protection to protect the module against high voltage spikes, as well as ground potential differences. TRP-C68 support both ASCII and Modbus protocol, with a full set of command, dual watch-dog, and auto reset function the module can be remote controlled by PC in ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol. TRP-C68 version 2.1 has Built-in resistances to facilitate the user to select current or voltage mode.

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