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Total Phase, Inc

SKU: TP360110

Total Phase Komodo CAN Duo Interface

Total Phase Komodo CAN Duo Interface

Dual USB to CAN Adapter/Analyser
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Key Features

  • Instant display of captured data
  • Non-Intrusive Bus Analyser

Discover the ultimate solution for your controller area network (CAN) bus systems. Introducing a device that facilitates seamless CAN network interactions with unparalleled efficiency.

Experience the power of dual high-speed CAN channels converging through a single USB connection, simplifying your monitoring, analysis, and simulation tasks.

Advantages of this innovative solution:

  • Monitor and decode complex CAN protocols effortlessly, gaining deeper insights into your network.
  • Maintain optimal network performance in real-time, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Highly versatile and adaptable, this device is indispensable across various industries, from automotive to medical.

Take control and transform your CAN bus interactions today.

Main features include:

  • Configure and customise two independent CAN channels to meet your specific needs with unmatched flexibility.
  • Integrate and innovate without limitations, thanks to the royalty-free API included.

Enjoy seamless compatibility across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms, ensuring your CAN bus projects are never hindered by operating system constraints.

Elevate your CAN experience now with the definitive tool for mastering CAN network communications.

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