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Thermo J Click Board

Thermo J Click Board

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The Thermo J Click Board™ is a temperature measurement Click Board™, which uses a thermocouple type-J probe, connected to a PPC-SMP-J onboard connector. The active part of the Thermo J Click Board™ is the MCP9600 by Microchip - a thermocouple EMF to temperature converter, with 1.5°C of maximum accuracy. The onboard PCC-SMP-J connector ensures the secure connection and accurate readings for the connected thermocouple.

The main advantage of the thermocouples over some other types of temperature measuring devices is the wide range of temperatures that they can measure. With the addition of four programmable ALERT lines routed to the mikroBUS pins, the Thermo J Click Board™ is an ideal solution for the temperature measurements in extreme conditions, hard to reach places, machinery, and similar applications.

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