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TFT Proto 7" Display

TFT Proto 7" Display

800 x 480 Resistive Touchscreen Display
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Add a touchscreen display to a prototype or a final product using the TFT Proto 7" Display. It includes an 800x480-pixel FRD070IF40-A TFT screen, capable of displaying 262K in different colours. The screen is covered by a 4-wire resistive touchscreen panel driven by a STMPE811 touchscreen controller. The display is driven by an SSD1963 graphics controller with an 8/9/16/24-bit MCU interface that includes a deep-sleep power-saving mode (via the GPIO0 pin on the side of the board for added convenience). Two rows of 26 pins provide an interface to the host microcontroller with 16 data and 7 control lines for the graphic controller, I2C lines and an interrupt line for the touchscreen controller. The TFT Proto 7" board has four corner mounting holes that simplify integration to the design. It is designed to use a 3.3V power supply only.

With such features, the TFT Proto 7" Display make an economical and hands-on option for adding a TFT touchscreen interface to your design.

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