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Tag Connect TC2030-MCP Cable

Tag Connect TC2030-MCP Cable

152mm (6") 6-pin cable for Microchip ICD
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Introducing Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP Cable: Your Connection Solution for Development and Production

Discover the ultimate connectivity solution with the Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP cable. Whether working in a development environment or gearing up for production programming, this cable is designed to exceed your expectations.

Firm and Secure Connection

Experience unparalleled stability with our innovative spring-loaded contact pins. These pins are expertly held in place by four robust plastic legs, each securely fastened into its designated locating hole. This means you can confidently tackle your tasks without worrying about loose connections.

Extended Connectivity for Testing and Development

When it comes to extended periods of PCB connection, such as testing or development work, the Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP cable is your go-to choice. Its dependable design ensures a consistent link to the PCB, empowering you to focus on your tasks without any interruption.

Compact Footprint with TC2030-MCP-NL

If space is at a premium, consider our TC2030-MCP-NL variant. Designed for applications where an even smaller footprint is required, this option doesn't compromise on performance. You'll get the same reliable connection in a compact form.

Perfect for Debugging and Production Programming

Embrace the versatility of the Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP cable, catering to both debugging and production programming needs. With its exceptional build quality and dependable performance, you can confidently integrate this cable into various stages of your project.

Upgrade your connectivity experience today with the Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP cable. Say goodbye to connectivity hassles and hello to seamless, reliable connections for all your development and production endeavors.

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Stephen Plumridge
Quick and competitive

Once again, rapid delivery and at a great price. All backed up by experts in the products.