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SKU: TC2030-MCP-10

Tag Connect TC2030-MCP-10 Cable

Tag Connect TC2030-MCP-10 Cable

254mm (10") 6-pin cable for Microchip ICD
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Introducing the Extended 10″ TC2030-MCP Programming Cable: Your Path to Convenience and Efficiency!

Upgrade your programming experience with our remarkable 10″ (254mm) TC2030-MCP programming cable, designed for unparalleled convenience and enhanced efficiency. This longer version takes your connectivity to the next level, setting new standards in programming cables.

Unmatched Length, Unmatched Comfort

Step beyond the boundaries of the ordinary with the 10″ TC2030-MCP programming cable. While Microchip's maximum cable length specification stands at 8″, we've gone the extra mile to provide you with a generous 10″ length. Embrace the convenience of extended reach, allowing you to operate without limitations. Worried about compatibility? Rest assured, our cable's additional length has been extensively tested and is seamlessly compatible with general-use scenarios.

Microchip's Specifications vs Real-world Performance

Microchip, renowned for its precision engineering, sets a maximum cable length specification of 8″. However, our 10″ TC2030-MCP programming cable breaks these limits without compromising performance. It's important to note that Microchip's specification doesn't encompass the typical additional length of PCB traces required between the RJ12 connector (often positioned on the PCB edge) and the MCU.

Effortless Integration with the TC2030 Footprint

Embrace the future of programming cable integration with the TC2030 footprint. Our ingenious design allows you to conveniently place the In-Circuit Debugger (ICD) connection right at the MCU, eliminating unnecessary complexities associated with cable management.

Upgrade to the extended 10″ TC2030-MCP programming cable today and redefine how you approach programming. Experience convenience, efficiency, and compatibility like never before. Take control of your connectivity - the longer, smarter way!

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