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Tag Connect ARM20-CTX 20-Pin to TC2030-IDC Adapter

Tag Connect ARM20-CTX 20-Pin to TC2030-IDC Adapter

for ARM Cortex
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The Tag-Connect ARM20-CTX Adapter board allows the Tag-Connect TC2030-IDC cables to be used for ARM SWD (Single Wire Debug) applications. Although intended for use with our patented TC2030-IDC (and TC2030-IDC-NL) Plug-of-Nails™ Cables, the adapter may be helpful if you prefer to use 6-pin 0.1” ribbon headers on their PCB instead of the traditional 20-Pin header.

Note: Only the Adapter is supplied. The TC2030-IDC or TC2030-IDC-NL cable is purchased separately; the cables and Segger JLINK seen in the picture are not included!

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