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Dediprog SOK-SPI-8W-1 SO8W SMT Sockets

Dediprog SOK-SPI-8W-1 SO8W SMT Sockets

Pack of 15 Sockets
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Introducing the Ultimate SO8W Socket for Your Chips!

Discover the perfect solution for your chip connection needs with our cutting-edge SO8W socket, meticulously designed to accommodate chips with a 207 mil package. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless connections!

Unparalleled Design

Our socket boasts an innovative design tailored for SO8W chips, guaranteeing a secure fit and reliable performance. The specification drawing focuses on the socket's pitch, ensuring a flawless connection every time.

Seamless Integration

Planning to utilize the IC directly without the SMT socket down the line? We've got you covered. We strongly recommend considering the pin pitch of the pad configuration during the initial design phase. This foresight will save you time, effort, and potential hassles, making your design journey smoother than ever.

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