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Amfeltec Corp

SKU: SKU-066-02

Amfeltec Half MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter (2.5W)

Amfeltec Half MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter (2.5W)

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The Amfeltec SKU-066-02 is a flexible adapter used to converts the MiniPCI Express Bus of a motherboard into standard MiniPCI Bus. This is achieved by connecting the standard 124-pin MiniPCI add-in board to the MiniPCI Express connector provided on the motherboard. This adapter set comes with a half-height MiniPCI Express host board, a MiniPCI Adapter board, and Flat PCI Express cable.

This adapter has been designed to work with high power target boards such as RF interfaces. Up to 2.5W of power can be consumed by the target board.

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