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SerialRAM Board

SerialRAM Board

23K640 64K Serial RAM with SPI Interface
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The Serial RAM Board uses a 64 Kbit Serial SRAM device to add to your development board. This additional board features a 23K640 Serial RAM device designed to communicate with a microcontroller via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Using discrete I/O lines, the Serial RAM Board can be interfaced with a microcontroller with no built-in SPI port. It is equipped with onboard voltage translators that allow connection with systems operating at different voltage levels. The board is designed to support both 3.3V and 5V power supplies. It has an LED indicator that tells about the power status of the board. Driven by low-power CMOS technology, this board works in three flexible operating modes: byte read and write, page mode (32-byte page) and sequential mode.

With these features, the SerialRAM Board is an excellent choice for depositing large amounts of temporary variables and acquisition data. It makes a great choice for increasing your microcontroller.

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