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RF Meter Click Board

RF Meter Click Board

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The RF Meter Click Board™ comes designed to let the user measure as well as keep a check on the radio frequency levels. This radio frequency power measurement device contains a 12-bit MCP3201 ADC and AD8318 demodulating logarithmic detector. It covers a wide radio frequency range, which varies from 1 MHz to 8 GHz, with an accuracy of 1.0 dB over 60 dB range (approximately) below 6 GHz. The board has been provided with an external antenna by way of which, it catches the signal. This signal is then forwarded to the AD8318 logarithmic amplifier for processing. The voltage produced here gets fed to the fed into an MCP3201 ADC so that RF levels can be precisely determined. The antenna connector, which is being provided to the RF Meter Click Board™, is a standard SMA type and it is compatible with the GSM antennas.

Since the AD8318 has a much wider frequency response; the user can put this board to use in a huge variety of applications by choosing the compatible antenna option.

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