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PULSE Click Board

PULSE Click Board

Pulse/Signal Generation
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The Pulse Click Board™ features the NE555 timer/pulse generator by Texas Instruments. This pulse generator comes with an adjustable frequency configured in two steps. The circular central switch integrated into the middle of the board is used to first choose between four frequency bands with the aid of a frequency selector. Once the appropriate position is selected, the required output frequency is fine-tuned using the onboard potentiometer in a range between 0.05 Hz and 1000 Hz. The high-precision NE555 timer is designed to produce highly accurate time delays or oscillation. The resulting output can be configured to be sent either as a digital signal through the OUT pin or an interrupt (INT pin). The Pulse Click Board™ is designed to operate using either a 3.3V or 5V power supply only. With precise frequency control, it produces pulse generation for equipment testing and similar purposes.

With such features, the Pulse Click Board™ makes an ideal option for applications like fingerprint biometrics, iris biometrics, RFID reader, and so on.

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