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The CANSPI is an easy-to-use, compact accessory board that lets you connect a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus to any microcontroller with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The board employs both an MCP2515 CAN controller and an MCP2551 CAN transceiver. The MCP2515 circuit as a CAN controller allows for data exchange with microcontrollers using a standard SPI communication interface. On the other hand, the transceiver MCP2551 chip provides necessary signal adjustments and allows the signals to be sent/received at a 1 Mb/s. The CANSPI board allows transmitting and receiving standard and extended data and remote frames.

It makes an ideal option for users looking to connect CAN to a microcontroller without integrated CAN support. Applications like industrial automation, home automation, and the automotive and mobile machine industry are well-suited for the CANSPI board.

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