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IR Grid 2 Click Board

IR Grid 2 Click Board

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The IR Grid 2 Click Board™ is a thermal imaging sensor. It has an array of 768 very sensitive factory-calibrated IR elements (pixels), arranged in 32 rows of 24 pixels. Each one of them is measuring an object temperature up to 300&Deg; C within its local Field of View (FOV). The Melexis MLX90640 IR sensor used on this Click Board™ has just four pins, and it is mounted inside of the industry-standard TO39 package. It is equipped with 2Kbit of EEPROM for storing the compensation and calibration parameters. The MLX90640 IR sensor array IC has I2C compatible digital interface, allowing it to be interfaced with a wide range of different MCUs.

The sensor used on the IR Grid 2 Click Board™ offers a summed field of view of 55&Deg;x32&Deg;. The sensor can output up to 64 frames per second (FPS).

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