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Microwave 2 Click Board (EU)

Microwave 2 Click Board (EU)

Motion Detector Board
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Key Features

  • Motion detection based on Doppler shift of microwave frequency, an integrated MCU used to provide on-chip signal processing, including noise reduction, useful signal enhancement, low power consumption, simplified UART interface, detection of both object approaching and moving away, indicated by two LEDs and dedicated pins
  • Bsed on the NJR4265RF2C1, an intelligent 24GHz microwave motion sensor, from JRC
  • Microwave 2 click is an ideal solution for building safety and security applications, entrance and exit management applications, and other applications that rely on a reliable moving object detection

The Microwave 2 Click Board™ is an accurate and reliable short to medium range motion detection Click Board™, based on a Doppler radar principle. Thanks to the highly integrated NJR4265RF2C1, an intelligent 24GHz microwave motion sensor, it can accurately sense the movement of a low-speed object. Featuring an integrated RF circuit, IF amplifier, and the MCU with its accompanying circuitry, it is able to provide signal processing, allowing better isolation of the useful movement signal and reduction of the background noise. In addition, it can detect an object approaching or leaving away, and autonomously signalize the detected event.

Note: The Microwave 2 Click Board™ is available for all EU regions.

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