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Boost-INV Click Board

Boost-INV Click Board

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The Boost-INV Click Board™ is a very useful DC/DC voltage converter device, as can output both positive and negative voltage, boosted up to 12.78V and -13.95, from a single fixed voltage input. The input voltage can vary between 2.55V to 5.5V, making the Boost-INV Click Board™ an ideal solution for powering devices with complex, split-rail power supply demands, using only a common battery.

A special feature of the LT3582 integrated DC/DC converter is the presence of the I2C interface, which is uncommon for devices of this type: it allows configuring of the output voltages, power sequencing, and output voltage ramp rates. It has an OTP memory also, which can be used to store the power-on default values.

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