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ADC 7 Click Board

ADC 7 Click Board

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Key Features

  • It is well suited for portable instrumentation applications, battery voltage, and current monitoring, analog sensor output conversion, etc.
  • Seven types of integrated digital filters with programmable options, 32-bit data output with high dynamic range, wide range of common mode voltage allows different kinds of bipolar and unipolar input signals to be sampled, and more
  • Based on the LTC2500-32, a 32-bit oversampling ADC with a configurable digital filter, from Analog Devices; LTC2057, a high voltage, low noise, zero-drift operational amplifier, from Analog Devices
  • mikroBUS: SPI Interface

The ADC 7 Click Board™ is an advanced 32-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) which uses the LTC2500-32, a 32-bit oversampling SAR ADC with a configurable digital filter. The filter provides several presets (selectable via the hardware pin), as well as programming of the filtering parameters, via the industry-standard SPI interface. The LTC2500-32 has some very good specifications: a very low noise on the output, a high dynamic range of 148dB at 61 SPS (samples per second), 32-bit output with no missing codes, and more. An integrated filter allows relaxed anti-aliasing filter requirements for the analog input signal, which simplifies the design.

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