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Color 6 Click Board

Color 6 Click Board

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Key Features

  • 12 gain stages with an unparalleled dynamic range up to 3.43E+10:1, proprietary JENCOLOR™ filter technology, low noise and thermal measurement for increased accuracy and sensitivity, no filter aging, low power consumption.
  • Based on the AS73211, an XYZ true color sensor with the I2C interface, from AMS AG
  • Color 6 click is an ideal solution for any color measurement, LED lighting color management, LED and OLED display aging compensation and dynamic display colour balancing, etc
  • @mbI2C and UART Interfaces

The Color 6 Click Board™ is a very accurate colour sensing board that features the AS73211, an XYZ true colour sensor from AMS. This company has developed a proprietary JEN colour filter technology, which ensures compliance to the CIE 1931/DIN 5033 standard (human eye response), providing an accurate XYZ colour space response. The low noise 24-bit ADCs ensure the highest dynamic range available on market, with the irradiance responsiveness per countdown to 0.0005 pW/cm². This sensor offers a fast I2C interface for communication with the host MCU.

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