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4DotMatrix R Click Board

4DotMatrix R Click Board

Four Character 5x7 Red LED Display
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The 4Dot-Matrix R Click Board™ - Your Smart Display Solution

Upgrade your display game with the 4Dot-Matrix R Click Board™ - the ultimate display device for all your needs! With its four-digit dot matrix display module, labelled as SLO2016 from Osram, this Click Board™ is designed to make your characters stand out.

Bright and Clear Display

The 5x7 dot matrix on this module features closely spaced, bright red pixel elements that make your characters incredibly clear and easy to read. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, the pixels emit a bright red colour that ensures you can always read the display, even from up to eight feet (2.5 m) away!

Multi-Language Support

The internal ROM of this smart display contains 128 ASCII codes for letters, including special characters for English, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian languages. This means that you can easily customize your display to suit your needs, no matter what language you speak.

Wide Viewing Range

The bright red display matrix has a wide viewing range, making it perfectly suited for low light situations. This means that you can use the Click Board™ in a variety of lighting conditions and still get a clear, readable display.

Easy to Operate

The 4Dot-Matrix R Click Board™ can be easily operated over the I2C interface. This makes it easy for you to connect the Click Board™ to your device and start using it right away!

Upgrade your display game with the 4Dot-Matrix R Click Board™ - the ultimate smart display solution!

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