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3D Hall Click Board

3D Hall Click Board

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Detect the presence of any magnet in nearby space using the 3D Hall Click Board™. This add-on board features the MLX90333 Triaxis Hall sensor, which acts as a contactless position sensor for any type of magnet. It senses the position of a nearby magnet by being sensitive to three components of flux density (BX, BY, BZ). 3D Hall Click Board™ measures the rotational, linear and 3D displacement with high precision. The contactless coupling ensures resistance against wear and tear and environmental contaminants like dust and dirt. The MLX90333 sensor on the 3D Hall Click Board™ includes the Integrated Magnetic concentrator (IMC), which makes it a better alternative to any other conventional Hall sensor. It can derive the signal for all three axes by arranging two pairs of Hall sensors in a cross shape. 3D Hall Click Board™ uses the MikroBUS SPI interface (CS, SCK, MISO, MOSI) for communication with the target board MCU. Each MLX90333 chip has a 40-bit ID number. This Click Board™ provides 16-bit resolution positional data. It uses a 5V power supply only.

With these features, 3D Hall Click Board™ is an ideal choice for designing a 3D position sensor, joystick, 4-way scroll key, joypad, man-machine interface device, linear position sensor, and many more.

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