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Shake2Wake Click Board

Shake2Wake Click Board

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Introduce shake functionality to the device with the Shake2Wake Click Board™. The board features two chips from Analog Devices: an ADXL362 accelerometer that includes several activity detection modes, which is connected to an ADP195 power switch IC. This power switch IC is in turn connected to a screw terminal for controlling external devices. Upon shaking, the accelerometer sends an interrupt to the switch, which in turn, powers up the external components. The intensity and duration of shaking required for waking it up is programmable, as well as the period of inactivity, which leads to switching off the external device.

Shake2Wake Click Board™ can also function as a regular accelerometer, wherein the board uses the MikroBUS SPI interface for communication to the target microcontroller. This Click Board™ is designed to operate using a 3.3V power supply only. Shake2Wake Click Board™ works on two main operating modes:.

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