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RTC 4 Click Board

RTC 4 Click Board

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The RTC 4 Click Board™ is a time measurement add-on board that incorporates DS2417 IC. The DS2417 is a real-time clock/calendar (RTC) with a fully compatible 1-Wire MicroLAN interface. It also features a programmable interrupt output for system wakeup on a separate pin. It utilizes an on-chip oscillator that is connected to an external 32.768 kHz crystal. Being a 1-Wire device, it features a unique, factory-lasered 64-bit long ROM code that allows the user to use it in a MicroLAN network.

It uses a backup energy source that maintains a charge with an onboard coin-cell 1F supercapacitor. The real-time clock has an accuracy of +/- 2 minutes per month at 25°C.

The RTC4 Click Board™ communicates with the target board MCU either through MikroBUS AN or PWM pin (here, GPI01, GPIO0), plus the INT pin, depending on the position of the onboard jumper.

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