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Clicker Board 2 for STM32

Clicker Board 2 for STM32

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Put together different Click Boards™ and invent fully-functional standalone gadgets with utmost ease using the Clicker 2 Board™ for STM32. This Clicker 2 Board™ board is a fast and compact Click Board™ two-seater equipped with STM32F407VGT6 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller and two MikroBUS host sockets to provide the user with unlimited possibilities to come up with new and original inventions.

The microcontroller is preprogrammed with a fast USB HID MikroBootloader. However, programming the microcontroller can be also done using an external MikroProg for STM32 programmer and MikroProg Suite for ARM software, or using the ST-LINK V2 programmer and MikroProg Suite for ARM software. It comes with onboard LTC3586-2 power management and battery charger IC that provides an independent, steady power supply to the microcontrollers RTC from the li-polymer battery or USB even when the user pushes the reset button or toggle the On/Off switch.

This pocket-sized board features the same pair of 1x26 connection pads as mikroMedia™ boards. The MikroBUS host connectors consist of two 1'.

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