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UV Click Board

UV Click Board

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Introduce an ultraviolet light sensor to the design with the UV Click Board™! The UV Click Board™ features an easy-to-use ML8511 IC UV sensor that is designed to warn the user of excessive ultraviolet radiation levels and outputs either analogue or digital signals that is linearly proportional to the UV intensity it detects. It also features an onboard MCP3201 ADC, which converts the signal, however, one can bypass it and get an analogue output by soldering the A/D SEL jumper in the AN position. ML8511 IC UV sensor is sensitive to UV-A (95 per cent of Ultraviolet light) and UV-B rays (the one causing sunburn).

The UV Click Board™ makes an ideal choice for making devices that notify the user of sunburn or identify the UV index as it relates to weather conditions. It also finds great use in mobile computing devices, such as a smartphone, a mobile phone, and a watch, at low power and a compact package (QFN).

The UV Click Board™ communicates with the target board through MikroBUS SPI (CS, SCK, MISO) or AN lines. It is designed to use a 3.3V power supply only.

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