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4-20mA R Click Board

4-20mA R Click Board

4-20mA Receiver
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The 4-20mA R Click Board™ from MikroE is an accessory board that provides a simple solution to add 4-20mA industry-standard communication protocol to your design. Offered in a compact package, this Click Board™ is intended to serve as a receiver in a 4-20mA current loop standard. It receives output current (4-20mA) from the transmitter and changes it into a voltage ranging from 0.4V to 2V. The voltage is then converted into a 12-bit data signal in the MCP3201 Analog-to-Digital convertor.

It communicates with the target board microcontroller through MikroBUS SPI (SDO, SCK, CS) and EN lines. The 4-20mA R Click Board™ has a voltage output INA196 current shunt monitor, 12-bit resolution MCP3201 ADC and a high-frequency TPS61041 boost converter. It also features an onboard screw terminal meant for easy connection. A complete 4-20mA current loop standard can be formed with the combination of this add-on receiver board with the 4-20mA T Click Board™.

Ideal for use in the field of industrial process control and test systems, this 4-20mA Click Board™ works as an interface between sensors or instruments attached to the microcontroller. It is designed to use either a 3.3V or 5V power supply, selectable via SMD jumper (in 3.3V position by default). An LED indicates the presence of a power supply.

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