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MINI-M4 for Stellaris MCU Board

MINI-M4 for Stellaris MCU Board

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The MINI-M4 for Stellaris is a small ARM Cortex-M4 development board containing the LX4F230H5QR microcontroller. It is pin-compatible with PIC16F887 and PIC18(L)F45K20 microcontrollers and it perfectly fits into a standard DIP40 socket. The board is equipped with a 16MHz SMD crystal oscillator and 32.768KHz crystal which can be used for the internal RTCC module. It has a Reset button and three signal LEDs.

The board comes pre-programmed with a fast USB HID bootloader, so no external programmers are needed for development. It operates on a 3.3V power supply. The onboard voltage regulator allows the board to be powered directly from the USB cable.

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