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mikroMedia for STM32 M3

mikroMedia for STM32 M3

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The mikroMedia™ for STM32 M3 is a high-quality development system carrying STM32F207VGT6 microcontroller. It is equipped with rich multimedia modules and provided with full set of examples and documentation for ease of use.

The mikroMedia™ for STM32 M3 board comes integrated with a lot of modules such as stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320x240 touch screen display, accelerometer, USB connector, MMC/SD card slot, 8 Mbit flash memory, 2x26 connection pads and others. This compact board is also equipped with a battery charger circuit for Li-Polymer batteries, crystal oscillator, front-facing reset button, and connection pads for all other available pins. The on-board large TFT colour display with touch screen and stereo MP3 codec chip makes it a good choice for a wide range of multimedia applications.

The mikroMedia™ for STM32 M3 is designed to be compact and handy with quality components and 4-layer PCB. With on-board microSD memory card slot, the user can store enough data to use in applications. It comes pre-programmed with USB HID bootloader. If required, the microcontroller can also be programmed and debugged using the MikroProg for STM32 debugger or ST-LINK. The board enables users to create colourful GUIs for mikroMedia™ with support to VisualTFT software.

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