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SKU: Hantek-1025G

Hantek-1025G 1Hz to 25MHz PC Based Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Hantek-1025G 1Hz to 25MHz PC Based Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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The Hantek-1025G is a PC-based entry-level Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator, controlled from your PC. Waveforms from 1Hz to 25MHz can be output (50MHz for sine waves). Distortion is minimised by the use of a fast, internal DAC with 12-bit accuracy.

Patterns including sine, square, ramp, trapezoidal, exponential and AM/FM modulated waves are supported. Arbitrary waves and noise can also be simulated. Waveforms can be created with the Tektronix ArbExpress software, which is currently free of charge to download.

The unit will also generate digital patterns up to 12-bit in width, making it ideal for simulation digital signals from equipment.

Generated signals can also be triggered from an external source, making the instrument ideal for automated test fixtures.

In addition, the instrument features a 50MHz frequency counter.

The software, running on a Windows PC or Laptop communicates with the generator via a USB cable. The cable also supplies power to the instrument.

The Hantek-1025G can also be left to run disconnected from the host PC, although the USB cable still needs to be connected to a power source to operate.

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