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dsPIC Ready 4 Board

dsPIC Ready 4 Board

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The dsPIC-Ready4 Board is the best solution for the fast and simple development of 28-pin dsPIC30F microcontroller applications (dsPIC30F1010, dsPIC30F2020 etc.). It includes connectors for connecting the dsPICprog with mikroICD in-system stand-alone programmer. These connectors enable you to program microcontrollers without any other additional devices. There are also IDC10 connectors linked to the microcontroller pins provided on the board. They enable many peripheral modules to be connected to the board, so you can quickly assemble a functional working environment that perfectly suits your needs.

dsPIC-Ready4 Board features a USB to serial UART interface FT232R which simplifies USB to serial designs and reduces external component count by integrating an external EEPROM, USB termination resistors and a clock circuit requiring no external crystal into the device.

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