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Buck 2 Click Board

Buck 2 Click Board

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The Buck 2 Click Board™ is a powerful step down DC-DC switching regulator. It gives a high precision regulated voltage at its output and it can handle an ample amount of current. Buck 2 click is highly configurable - the output voltage, maximum current limiting, and the switching frequency parameters can be controlled via the IC pins routed to the mikroBUS™ socket, providing a simple and secure connection to the host MCU.

The input voltage can range from 4.5V to 19V and the output can be set to work in several discrete steps, ranging from 0.7V to 3.3V. Features, such as the wide range of input voltages, pin configurable working parameters, internal soft-start, thermal shutdown, hiccup mode short-circuit protection and high switching efficiency, make this device a perfect choice for any step-down application which demands reasonably high current and accurate voltage regulation with clean and ripple-free low voltage power supply - such as the embedded electronic devices, servers, routers, data storage devices, low power ICs and similar.

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