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Artistic Licence

SKU: NanoScope tx

Artistic Licence NanoScope DMX512 Transmitter

Artistic Licence NanoScope DMX512 Transmitter

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Introducing the NanoScope tx: Your Ultimate Lighting Solution!

Is your lighting desk still stranded in the truck while you're itching to put your rig to the test? Look no further than the NanoScope tx - the ultimate solution tailored just for you!

Unleash the Power of NanoScope TX

Experience lighting control like never before with the NanoScope tx. This remarkable device is a simple, battery-powered DMX512 transmitter encased in a sleek, translucent casing designed to light up your world.

Seamless Connectivity

Equipped with an integrated 5-pin XLR connector, the NanoScope tx ensures effortless and reliable connectivity, guaranteeing that your lighting signals are transmitted with precision and accuracy.

Choose Your Mode

With the NanoScope tx, you're in complete control. It offers two distinct modes to match your needs:

Cycle Mode

In this mode, the NanoScope tx dazzles you with its versatility. It effortlessly cycles through six different profiles, allowing you to explore various lighting options and effects, and find the perfect fit for your creative vision.

Lock Mode

If consistency is your mantra, the NanoScope tx has you covered. The device continuously transmits the selected profile in Lock Mode, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted lighting experience. Even across power cycles, your chosen profile remains faithfully remembered, giving you peace of mind.

Get Your NanoScope tx Today!

Don't let your lighting dreams stay trapped in the truck. Elevate your lighting game with the NanoScope tx. Order now and illuminate your world like never before!

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