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Artistic Licence

SKU: Micro-Scope 3a

Artistic Licence Micro-Scope 3a DMX512/MIDI Tester

Artistic Licence Micro-Scope 3a DMX512/MIDI Tester

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The worlds best selling DMX512 and MIDI tester.

Micro-Scope 3a is a small, hand-held DMX512 receiver and transmitter. It can operate as a Moving Lamp tester, a Flicker Finder or as a Rigger's Remote Control. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, with a normal life of 25 hours and features a high brightness backlit LCD screen.

The Micro-Scope 3a is very simple to operate. Just switch-on and you are immediately displaying received DMX512 data. Two key presses are all that is required to start flashing through the rig.

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