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Picotest Corp

SKU: P9611A

Picotest P9611A 0-60V, 0-6A DC Power Supply

Picotest P9611A 0-60V, 0-6A DC Power Supply

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The Picotest P9611A  is a mixed-mode Programmable Power Supply that provides the combined benefits of a linear power supply and a switched-mode supply. This means that this power supply unit can deliver accurate control over the parameters, provides low high-efficiency output with low noise, and all this from a small and compact unit.

The P9611A delivers 1mV to 60V of output voltage range and 1mA to 7A of the direct current output range. The optical driver control function gives reliable and precise control over all parameters. Its circuit is designed to provide protection against over-voltage, over-current and short circuits to keep the devices under test safe. An unobtrusive carrying handle easily folds into the body of the unit, allowing easy and convenient storing and carrying. This lightweight unit delivers a fast transient response and is ideal to work with bench-top and system applications.

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