How To Use Tag-Connect Cables With The Ti MSP430 Debugger

TI MSP430 Cable Selection & Installation

Full Traditional MSP430 JTAG


The TC2050-IDC-430 and TC2050-IDC-NL-430 are our 10-pin TC2050 cables fitted with a 14-pin ribbon connector to suit the FET430. Pin 10 of the TC2050 is connected to pin 11 of FET430, the extra 4 pins are not used or needed.

For the smallest footprint use the TC2050-IDC-NL “No Legs” version. It is designed to be held in place for programming but can also be held in place for debugging with our TC2050-CLIP board.

Take the ribbon connector end of the cable and plug it into the Target-end of the TI MSP430.

Connect the Tag-Connect-end into your PCB.