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MIKROE-3263 Temp&Hum 8 Click Board™

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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The Temp&Hum 8 Click Board™ is based on a sensor from the popular SHT family, designed to measure temperature and humidity. This sensor family has already become an industry standard, providing proven reliability and stability while requiring a minimum number of components, making the development of applications cheaper and faster. The sensor used on this Click Board™ is labelled as SHT21, which features a high degree of measurement linearity, thanks to the factory calibration and testing which is performed for each sensor sample. Featuring high accuracy, good linearity, proven reliability, and long-term stability, you can use this sensor can for many different applications. Some of them include weather stations, various environmental data collection applications, IoT based applications, and all applications that require a reliable thermal and humidity readings over longer periods of time.

It comes in the package which also includes the mikroSDK software and a library with all the functions. The Click Board™ comes as a fully tested and approved prototype, making it a reliable device ready to use on the development board.