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MMC/SD Board

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The MMC/SD Board is a great option to add data storage functionality to your device. The add-on storage board comes with an MMC/SD card slot for MMC or SD cards. The MMC (MultiMedia Card) cards are superseded by SD (Secure Digital) cards, but are still widely used in a wide range of portable devices that support SD cards. The MMC/SD Board supports both types of cards, which are most commonly used as memory data storage in devices like cameras, digital audio players, cellular phones, etc. The user can also use the device carrying this MMC/SD board with all modern computers as they come with an MMC/SD slot. This storage board provides data read/write between a microcontroller and MMC/SD card. It uses a standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for fast data transfer. It can also be used for fast data acquisition or storing other data files, including images, music, text, videos, etc. where fast mass storage is required. The MMC/SD Board is designed to support use of 3.3V and 5V power supply.

The DIP switches on the board enable user to set which pins on the 2'