Mikromedia 3 for STM32F2 Capacitive FPI with Bezel

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The mikromedia 3 for STM32F2 CAPACITIVE is designed as a complete solution for the rapid development of multimedia and GUI-centric applications. It is rich with peripherals and has awesome graphics on an MCU driven 3.5" TFT display. This display is a true-colour display with a capacitive touch panel as the most distinctive feature of the mikromedia 3. The display has a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels, and it can show up to 16.7M colours.

The mikromedia 3 for STM32F2 CAPACITIVE with a bezel offers more connectivity, expandability, and a state-of-the-art power supply!

This development board can be implemented directly into any project, with no additional hardware modifications required. The powerful 32-bit STM32F207VGT6 microcontroller, produced by STMicroelectronics, provides sufficient processing power even for the most demanding tasks.

Because of the fact that with the mikromedia 3 for STM32F2 CAPACITIVE with Bezel you can actually develop-on & build-in the same board, it will truly enable you to save your time. All this adds up to an unrivalled premium user experience!