Easy24-33 v6 Development Board

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The Easy24-33 v6 Development System is a full-featured, general-purpose development board intended for programming and experimenting with PIC24 and dsPIC33 devices from Microchip. This development system features an onboard USB 2.0 programmer with MikroICD support that acts as an interface between the microcontroller and a PC.

The onboard LvPICFlash programmer can be used for external programming. It comes equipped with a wide range of peripheral modules, such as Touch Sense, Serial RAM, Serial EEPROM, Piezo Buzzer and many more, which enable the user to efficiently simulate the operation of the target device. The Easy24-33 v6 Development System comes with a PIC24F16KA102 microcontroller included in a 28-pin DIP socket. The board is provided with a 14-pin socket, an 18-pin socket, two 20-pin sockets, and three 28-pin sockets to install any of the 60 supported microcontrollers.

The Easy24-33 v6 Board features a large prototyping area to design customized circuits on the board. The onboard screw terminals and header pins enable power and I/Os access. For power supply, the user can either go for a +5V PC power supply via the USB programming cable or use an external power supply source.