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mikroBuffer Proto Board

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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Buffering the analog signals connected to prototype board inputs using unity gain operational amplifiers become simplified and cost-efficient for the user, with the help of the MikroBuffer PROTO Board. This accessory board features low-cost design and consumes very less power, and thus results in great financial savings for the user. Compact design of this additional board makes it fit for perfect integration with the existing board setup and renders it compatible for use in a number of general-purpose applications. The MikroBuffer PROTO Board has been equipped with a Microchip Technology enabled MCP6284 operational amplifier. This op amp has got a total of 4 inputs. This additional board gets quickly connected to a microcontroller by way of a 1 x 6 connector CN1. CN2 and CN3 connectors make it possible for the board to establish a secure connection with an analog signal generating device, so that the amplified signal can get delivered to the microcontroller analog inputs. The board, which comes designed to fit into standard breadboards with 100mil distance between points, has a 5 MHz Gain Bandwidth Product (GBWP) and a 65' phase margin.

It is perfect for being applied in battery-powered applications, auto industry, portable equipment manufacturing industry, analog filter designing and all MCU architectures.