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MIKROE-1628 Methane Click Board™

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The Methane Click Board™ makes it simple for the user to add highly sensitive methane (CH4) sensor to his design. This add-on board comes equipped with an MQ-4 sensor for measuring methane, two jumpers and a power indicator LED. It has also got a calibration potentiometer and a MikroBUS host socket. The range in which Methane Click Board™ can precisely detect the methane levels is from 200 to 10000ppm of concentrations. The MQ-4 sensor features a gas sensing layer constructed of tin dioxide which is an inorganic compound with the formula SnO2. Tin dioxide is known to have lower conductivity in clean air. As the percentage of methane increases in the environment, the conductivity rises too. The potentiometer enables the user to adjust the load resistance of the sensor circuit so that methane Click Board™ may be calibrated for the intended surroundings. As the concentration of the target gas changes, the resistance of the sensor component also gets changed.

Methane Click Board™ finds its application in designing of gas leakage equipment. Being suitable for detecting methane concentration, Methane Click Board™ can be used in the devices like domestic gas leakage detectors, industrial combustible gas detectors and portable gas detectors.