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Fusion for STM32 v8 with STM32F407ZG

Fusion for STM32 v8 with STM32F407ZG

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The Brand New Fusion v8 Development Board has been designed to create hardware and software for the ST STM32 ARM Cortex based MCU family. This development board is supplied with an STM32 v8 with an STM32F407ZG MCU board. Unlike the Universal Fusion v8 development board, this board is dedicated to the ST STM32 family of MCUs with a worthwhile cost saving.

Now you can remotely debug or program your application from anywhere! Your development board can be located in a hazardous area, the other side of the world, in an inaccessible place, such as within agricultural machinery or even inside a boiler room or freezer. It really doesn't matter where!

Furthermore, you can power the board with a battery in a remote location with no mains power.

Just imagine being able to provide technical support to your customer directly, wherever they are.

You must take a look at this revolutionary new development platform.

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