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MIKROE-1989 EEPROM 3 Click Board™

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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The EEPROM 3 Click Board™ provides 2 Mbit (2,097,152 bits) of Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, organized in bytes. In other words, this Click Board™ is an EEPROM memory medium with a capacity of 256 KB. The used EEPROM module has outstanding endurance, with 1,000,000 write cycles and a data retention period of over 100 years.

The EEPROM device on this Click Board™ features Schmitt trigger inputs for better noise protection, self-timed write cycles, it has a dedicated write protect pin for hardware protection of stored data, and an error detection and correction logic scheme that ensures reliable data output, staying transparent to the host controller.