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MIKROE-2883 Cap Extend 3 Click Board™

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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The Cap Extend 3 Click Board™ features four capacitive sensor pads integrated on the PCB, that can sense touch through a variety of different materials. This Click Board™ can sense touch through plastic, wood, or even metal, thanks to the proprietary Metal over Capacitive technology. All these materials can be used to protect the surface of the PCB and sensor pad traces, allowing the implementation of all kinds of human-machine interfaces and seamless integration of the touch-sensitive buttons into various kinds of front panels. The Click Board™ also features a connector used for connecting to external sensors.

Features like the multi-stage active noise suppression filtering, automatic environmental compensation, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and support for a wide range of sensor pad shapes and sizes, allow this device to be used as a reliable replacement for buttons or switches in many applications, including light switches, office equipment and toys, display and keypad backlight activation, and similar applications where a reliable and aesthetically pleasing button alternative is required.