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MIKROE-945 Buzz Click Board™

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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Add sound function to the device in the form of beeps, tones and alerts using the Buzz Click Board™. This audio and voice board employs a premium piezo speaker that produces audio signals. This compact round speaker allows the user to create simple audio sounds or voice messages into portable devices. The piezo speaker/buzzer is designed for best performance with a resonant frequency of 3.8 kHz. The Buzz Click Board™ also features an integrated buzzer driver is connected to either the digital (CS/GPI) or the PWM line. Either of these pins can be used to provide the signal from the MCU to the buzzer driver. This Click Board™ is designed to operate using a 5V power supply. The user can solder an SMD jumper to the 3.3V position, when required. It has on-board power LED that denotes the power status.

Buzz Click Board™ is an ideal choice for introducing audio signalization functionality to any user device.