Lipowsky Baby-LIN-RM-III LIN Bus Adapter

Lipowsky Industrie Elektronik GmbH
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The Lipowsky Baby-LIN-RM-III allows LIN-Bus, CAN-Bus and CAN-FD Bus equipped devices to be controlled by a PC.

The interface can simulate CAN and LIN-Bus Master and Slave nodes

After installation of the supplied LINWorks software, you can connect the Baby-LIN-RM-III to a free USB port, and access the LIN- and CAN-Bus devices via LINWorks or your own programs by using the Baby-LIN-DLL. In addition, LIN and CAN devices can be controlled using digital signals only. This enhances testing facilities based on a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) by a LIN- or CAN-Bus without much effort.

This can be extremely beneficial for facilities with long term testing.