34-pin Split Cable with Grabbers

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This package contains one 34-Pin Split Cable along with 10 grabber clip ends that slide onto the split cable. The 34-Pin Split Cable with 10 Grabber ends is the ideal solution for you. The cable attaches to the ribbon cable end directly on the Promira Serial Platform and allows you to connect up to ten pins to your project with grabber pins. If you need additional information or wish to order Grabber pin ends, click here to be taken to the product detail page.

Unless you have standardized on the 34-pin header, this is a must-have accessory if you need supplemental power for your embedded project (Promira pins 22 and 24 offer an additional 100 mA of power for your board, above the 100mA already available via pins 4 and 6), or intend to use any of the advanced functionality optionally available with your Promira Serial Platform, such as eSPI, dual or quad I/O SPI