Embedded Developers Directory

How do clients find you? It's not an easy task for your clients to find the best developer to work on their project.

Finding new clients can be fraught process.  Are you running a constant awareness marketing campaign to make sure that companies are aware of your skills?  This is not something that most engineers do because it is either outside their comfort zone or they just don't have the time. 

I have run my own embedded design consultancy before setting up The Debug Store, so I understand the issues that engineers like you face.

So, I want to offer you a simple marketing deal which will let potential clients know who you are and what you can do for them. 

All the best - John Legg, The Debug Store

What's The Deal?

We are offering you a free entry in our new Embedded Developers Directory.  The directory is initially hosted by The Debug Store.  This will include a dedicated page within the directory of contact and skills information about you or your company together with a link to your company website.  If you don't have a website, then I strongly suggest that you get one.  It is the only way you will be found by clients looking for developers.

This deal is offered exclusively to those who I have invited to join the new directory.  I am offering it to you free of charge for the life of the directory.  The intention is to eventually charge for the service so I would suggest that you sign up now while it is still free.

What's The Catch?

There is just one, small catch.  You agree to provide a link back to The Debug Store.  We will provide you with a code snippet to place on a Useful Links Section or Page on your website.  It will only contain a link and a small image.

If you do not have a website and do not wish to create one, no problem.  We would recommend you have a website as a marketplace for your services, but it is your choice.

If you are able to add a link to your website, we will add 500 points to your loyalty account, as a thank you, which can be exchanged for a discount off your next order with The Debug Store.

It's a Win-Win Deal

The deal is a really a no-brainer.  You and your business gets free publicity and in time, as the directory is used, the more publicity, and business you should gain.

The Debug Store benefits by getting more inbound links from relevant sites which helps our SEO, helping us to get better search results placing on Google. We may also get more development tools customers by having morte traffic back to our website.

Bonus Offer

The Debug Store runs a loyalty program for customers, offering points. The points can exchange for credits against future orders.

When you sign-up for entry into the Embedded Developers Directory I will give you 500 points to be added to a loyalty account. These will be added when the link to our website has been installed. We will also give you further points each time you recommend a new customer to The Debug Store.

Sign-up Now

OK, lets get going.  Just Click the Button below.  You will be presented with a form asking for the details we need to complete your directory entry. These will include your contact details, a description of your business and details of your experience.